Freygard Wulfsson

External Affairs


Freygard Wulfsson is in charge of debriefing any soldiers sent from other churches or missions to help with the crusade. He primarily deals with any Paladins or Clerics with special skills sent for special tasks. Secretly, he works for the cult of “Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth” for the demon lord Baphomet. He feels that the people in the cult are sinners, but that it is for the greater good – he thinks that the church has become fat and lazy, and that creation only comes from destruction. He thinks that a new church must come about and the only way to achieve that is to destroy the current leadership. He is lead astray by the demons, and he believes that he is playing them. They are simply using him for their own means, though, and know perfectly well his intentions – later he will be cast aside or swayed to admitting what he really wants – to be a leader.


He always strove the do better than anyone else in his classes – He felt that his goddess deserved the best and so he wanted to be the best… Or so he told himself. Secretly he relished in the glory of being praised. His real motivation for wanting to destroy the church is so that he can be the leader, though he won’t admits it to himself.

Freygard Wulfsson

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